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Welcome to Subaquatic, the The Fanlistings Network listed fanlisting dedicated to those beautiful and fascinating underwater animals known as Fish.
I have loved fish since my childhood, my first pets where two goldfish named "Max" and "Moritz" my parents got me after I kept bringing home fish from the creek near our house. Over the years, I also got a few more goldfish and catfish until I lost interest in taking care of them during my teen-years, so I gave them away. But my love and interest for fish never really vanished, and over they years, I really wanted a fish tank again. But it took me over 15 years to finally get one as the two last apartments I lived in simply didn't have the space. I wanted a large one, so I patiently waited until 2013 when I moved in my current apartment and finally had enough space for a large fish tank (YAY!). I'm now the proud owner and keeper of an 400 liter tank with goldfish, catfish and some snails. I absolutely love all fish but my favorites have always been goldfish, so I'm really happy to gaze at my own every day.
And if you happen to like Fish as well or if you even own fish yourself, make sure to join us and show your support. Please take a look around and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. Have fun and enjoy your stay!

20th March 2018 ♓72 fans (+ 0) from 16 countries


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